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At our goal is to help you unlock the full potential of your machines. The EROWA products we supply will help you achieve an increased level of competitiveness. Our online catalog makes it easier for you to find the perfect fit for your EDM manufacturing needs.

Time is money, and the machines must keep running. We understand that EROWA is one of the leading manufacturers of work holding, palletization and automation for EDM machines. That is why we focus on providing our customers with a flexible product line that is easy to understand.

At we have an experienced customer service staff that can help you take that next step. We will gladly accompany you on your way with advice and information on all of our EROWA products.

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erowa er-009214

EROWA Compatible ER-009214

EROWA ER-009214 Centering plate 50. 100% EROWA Compatible. Mounted directly on plane surface of blank.

erowa er-09223

EROWA Compatible ER-009223

EROWA ER-009223 Uniholder Electrode Holders including 2 setscrews for each unit. Insert and tighten setscrews.

erowa er-010644

EROWA Compatible ER-010644

EROWA ER-010644 130X51 Uniplate Electrode Holder. Designed for 130MM x 51MM Min blank stock

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