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At, our goal is to provide you Perfect EDM Tooling | System 3R® and EROWA® Compatible Parts to help you unlock the full potential of your machines. at Rapid Holding systems provide Ultimate Engineered, Customized and Assembled EDM and CNC Tooling in the North America. The EROWA compatible products we supply, will help you achieve an increased level of competitiveness. Our online Erowa Compatible Collection at Rapid Holding Systems makes it easier for you to find the perfect fit for your EDM manufacturing needs. Visit us for Erowa price list.

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Get Excellent quality EDM tooling at We help our customers to improve EDM department at fraction of cost. We are expert in providing customized design for all kind of EDM and CNC needs with no additional cost. Visit us  for more information. We have expert staff that can help you take that next step in your workholding needs. We will gladly accompany you on your way with advice and information on all of our EROWA®Products.

For the effective machining services, you can seek Rapid Holding Systems which is one of the reputed brands that deals with high tech machinery and tooling mechanism. They provide you with simple to complex tools according to your demands. With their tooling products, you will able to enhance your manufacturing process at a faster pace. EROWA System provided by them is a boon to machinery and innovation in tooling.

Looking to improve your Edm department?

Cutting tools with EROWA mechanism offers you with more perfection. You will able to get an exact measurement of the tools which you have provided. It is not simple to get a perfect cutting of tools with conventional means. Therefore, the Edm tooling system provides error-free cutting of tools.


 Notice: EROWA® company name is trademark or registered trademark by Erowa AG. Its use does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by Erowa. 



All holders come pre-mounted on EROWA® plate “Ready to Run”. Visit here to explore whole Erowa compatible U-type, S-type holder collection. Availability in all sizes and material.

00% compatible Erowa ER-045076, ER-007604, ER-034387, ER-034387, ER-019424, ER-019424 chuck


100% compatible EROWA® ER-045076, ER-007604, ER-034387, ER-034387, ER-019424, ER-019424 chuck with high quality. Visit here to explore new MTS series of chucks, Pneumatic Chucks, Quick Chucks

EROWA ER-008638.

EROWA COMPATIBLE ER-008638 D5 Centering Sensor RHS-E6924.2

EROWA® Sensor With Ball Probe ER-008638. Available with Tip Diameter 4mm, 6mm, 8mm. ER-008638 Centering Sensor is used for automating measurement of workpieces in EDM CNC Sinking Centers.

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"We wanted to improve our Edm department and needed a partner we could trust. Ralph came in and gave us really great advice in how to get our Edm department running alot more productively. then he backed it up with excellent quality Edm tooling for a fraction of the cost we would have paid otherwise."
Advantage Engineering
"We were looking for a solution to optimize our machining of electrodes. Rapid helped us setup a multi-chuck system on our CNC machines. They made the fixtures we needed customized to fit our machines and didn't charge additional for the customization. Thanks Ralph."
MegaMold International
"We bought a checking pin for our Edm department from Rapid. We put it on our Cmm and it was witin microns. Nice to know you can get high quality tooling at great pricing. We will be buying all of our tooling from Rapid going forward."
Reko International

100% compatible erowa tooling

 Notice: EROWA® company name is trademark or registered trademark by Erowa AG. Its use does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by Erowa.